"The Bracket"

Past GPLES Standings

To help determine player skills, we have included the past standings of GPLES seasons below.  Those in green are playing in GPLES Madness

GPLES Madness 2020 Download File 

- All brackets need to be submitted before Thursday 8:00 AM

- You can pay for and submit as many brackets as you like. 


  1. Right click on the excel file and highlight “save link as…”  

  2. Save the file to your computer and label it as “GPLES Madness “your last name”

  3. Open the file and use the drop downs next to the grey cells to pick your winners (see below)

  4. E-mail the completed file to cechols@snet.net

  5. If you are not excel savy, there is a tab labeled “printer friendly” if you prefer to print and fill it out.  Please only use this method if you have to as I will have to go and input them all and prefer not to do that.

It's super easy to use.  Follow the below example on how to pick your winners.  If you made a mistake, just click on the name and delete it to pick a new winner. 

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