How we will play "The Tournament"

All games will be played on PokerStars in our private poker club.  There will be heads up tournaments created with the date/time that you agreed to, time slots below.   Email and send us date/time so we can set it up for you in PokerStars, labeled with your name (i.e Zelek vs Lasala)


Below is the schedule for each round.   Please find who you are playing and reach out to them so you can set up a date/time to play.  Player contact info is here.

Tournament is schedule to be played April 9-27.   Dates subject to change but as of now this is the plan.

Below is the table of all the available time slots.  Those with * are the suggested times so people can zoom and we can all watch matches together.  If those slots don't work for you and your opponent, pick a time anytime during the applicable round/days and let us know.  It's not one game per time slot, we can have as many matches going on during a time slot as we want.

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